90 Day Guarantee

The Process: If It’s Not Sold, We Buy It

We are one of the few companies in Illinois who buy houses for cash at a fair offer. 

It’s simple. Our real estate brokers guarantee to sell your home in 90 days. That’s our promise. The PadScouts Home Sales Team commits to selling your home within a three month period or we will buy your home.

First, we will discuss and agree on a deadline. If that deadline passes and your home has not yet sold, we will buy it. If more than 90 days go by with your house on the market, we will also purchase it from you.

Our promise hinges upon a simple premise: we are confident that we can sell your home for the best price available.

The Bottom Line

We will sell your home fast. It’s that simple. It is our extensive knowledge of the real estate market that gives us the confidence to provide you with the peace of mind 90 day guarantee. If we do not sell your home within the 90 day period or within our established deadline we will purchase your home. What does this mean to you? It means you don’t have to worry about your house being on the market for weeks on end. Once our time expires, we will take care of the home and you can move on to your life because we know there are more important things you have on your plate.

Sell Your Home Fast with the PadScouts Home Team

When looking to sell your home fast, the PadScouts Home Team is the best in Illinois! We have an unmatched guarantee and outstanding customer service. Our client-first philosophy sets us apart.

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